A Better Use of Testing Time: OnCourse Assessment Released for K-12 Schools

OnCourse Systems for Education, an award-winning provider of intuitive K-12 software, has announced the release of new digital testing platform OnCourse Assessment.

This technology arrives at a crucial tipping point for educators frustrated with the pressure associated with high-stakes state testing. OnCourse Assessment offers a powerful antidote by letting districts design an assessment portfolio that is “right-sized” for their student body, including benchmark tests, common assessments, or even ungraded items like entry/exit tickets. 


By assessing student growth more regularly, OnCourse Assessment grants strong predictive power to teachers and curriculum staff who get feedback almost instantaneously. 

A Guided Path to Student Mastery

To ensure that assessments have strong standards correlation, OnCourse Assessment showcases a standard-aligned test bank with more than 35,000 technology-enhanced items. Staff can "blueprint" standards to assess, choose the level of rigor (DOK), and OnCourse will suggest a range of questions to include.

OnCourse's Student Test Center is an interactive environment with more than 70 technology-enhanced question types that include passages, spoken response, matching/highlighting, charting, math/chemistry formulas, etc. Most of these items can be auto-graded by the system, providing much-needed relief for time-strapped educators.

OnCourse Assessment can also be configured to simulate a state testing interface, acclimating students to the features they'll use in a high-stakes environment.

Faster Feedback on Student Performance

The most powerful benefit of OnCourse Assessment may be the lightning-fast analytics on mastery of academic standards.


As students submit their work, teachers gain instant feedback on the proficiency of their classrooms, by test, question, or standard. Curriculum staff get live “item analysis” dashboards to ensure quality of test questions.

OnCourse CEO Chris Contini is confident that a breakthrough moment has arrived for data-driven instruction.

“We know that data can make a big difference,” says Contini, “but it has to arrive immediately so that teachers will have a genuine opportunity to make instructional adjustments. Also, intuitiveness is key. Data has to be approachable to everyone, no matter how data-savvy they are."

Every data dashboard in OnCourse is simplified and dynamic, allowing staff to explore color-coded metrics and discover student competencies in real-time.

With the release of OnCourse Analytics last year, and the colorful, intuitive dashboards included with OnCourse Assessment, OnCourse has delivered on their promise to bringing cutting-edge data visualization to K-12.

Getting a Holistic View

Contini also points to integration as a major difference-maker.

"OnCourse Assessment can be integrated with any Student Information System," says Contini. "However, pairing this tool with the OnCourse SIS has benefits impossible to get with traditional integration. Rosters update instantly across our ecosystem, which saves teachers from embarrassing situations when students can't access a test because of data sync issues."

"Grades can also automatically post into teacher grade books, saving them a ton of time on data entry."


"These are great benefits," says Contini, "but they're just a taste of what's possible when multiple measures are stored inside one platform like OnCourse. It's the only real way to gain a holistic view of student peformance." 

Modernizing Assessment for Every Student and School

OnCourse Assessment offers several premium features at no extra charge, including:

  • “Lockdown Browser” to ensure students stay focused
  • Advanced accessibility options, including text-to-speech and response masking
  • Bubble sheet scanning
  • Digital test-taking tools like protractors and calculators
  • Live progress dashboards.

About OnCourse Systems for Education:

OnCourse Systems for Education is a leading provider of intuitive, cloud-based school software systems based in Media, PA. With a unified platform powered by a first class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, OnCourse is changing the way educators and administrators think about tracking and using data. Their vision is to bring technology and people together to make extraordinary education possible. For more information on how OnCourse can help your school focus on student outcomes, visit http://www.oncoursesystems.com

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