Introducing OnCourse Basecamp, New Online Community

In OnCourse's new online user community, OnCourse Basecamp, educators can post questions, request or vote on new features, and share tips with other users.

Educators are legendary collaborators. Whether in Twitter #EdChats, EdCamps, or good ol' PLCs, we have no shortage of creativity when it comes to sharing ideas. Meanwhile in OnCourse HQ, we have hundreds of conversations every week with school staff; there's some teaching, some learning, and generous portions of collaborative problem-solving and dreaming up new features.

It was time to bring these things together into one place. As OnCourse's Community Director (and a former educator myself) I'm excited to announce the launch of OnCourse Basecamp, a user community with both online and in-person opportunities to collaborate.

This community is also a key ingredient in OnCourse's District-Driven Design (D3) philosophy of innovation. Every year we release hundreds of new features, most of which come from the ideas you and your colleagues send in year-round. Sadly, there are just as many requests that don't make the cut! In OnCourse Basecamp, we can give you a direct vote in what hits the OnCourse Labs next. 


How to Access the Online Community

Like other web forums you may be familiar with, OnCourse Basecamp allows you to post questions, request or vote on new features, and share tips with other users. When important topics emerge, like tips for remotely managing schools/classrooms, we may open a featured topic and invite you to participate.

To keep things focused, this community is only accessible to OnCourse users. To access Basecamp:

  • Log into OnCourse
  • Navigate to OnCourse University in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click on “Community” in the upper right-hand corner next to your name


How to Use (and Not to Use!) This Community

Start with the Community Rules

All users will be expected to review the Community Rules section including both the Community Code of Conduct, which outlines expectations for posting content, and OnCourse’s Terms of Use.

Search Before Posting

To keep your community organized, it’s best to search before you post. If someone has already posted something similar, you can comment on their post to continue the discussion or “upvote” topics to bring them to the surface.

Posting Best Practices

Before posting or starting a new thread, review the pinned post underneath each topic area. The post will describe how to structure your post so that the community stays clear and organized.

You Get What You Give

We encourage connecting and collaborating with your colleagues! Basecamp is a place to interact with your peers, get your questions answered, and exchange feedback. Get involved by:

    • Sharing community content
    • Following topics, posts, or other members
    • Tagging members with @mentions in threads to start conversations, engage, and grow
Know When to Contact Support

If you have a specific question about performance or you want to report a bug, Support is still the correct channel. Contact the team via email at or by phone at 1-800-899-7204.

Write Posts, Win Prizes

oncourse-swag-pack-sWe can't wait for you to get involved and interact with your colleagues! In the month of April, we are randomly choosing five OnCourse users who engage in the Remote Learning Best Practices topic area in Basecamp. Upon notification, we'll send you a sweet swag pack as a token of our appreciation for your contribution.

So take some time. Check out Basecamp. Engage with your colleagues. And explore what Basecamp has to offer!