Students Get Upgrade to OnCourse Classroom Mobile App

In a new version of the OnCourse Classroom Mobile App, students can complete classwork and Google assignments, take assessments, and message teachers. Activation on Monday, April 12th.

Schools using the OnCourse SIS and OnCourse Classroom LMS prior to 2020 found themselves with a relatively easy on-ramp to remote/hybrid learning. Districts took advantage of popular features like Google integration, tech-enhanced assessment, and student access via phones and tablets.

This school year, approximately half of all student/parent logins came from an iOS or Android device. 

"We were happy to see that OnCourse's mobile experience extended digital learning to more families at a time when equitable access was critical," says Chris Contini, OnCourse Chief Executive Officer. "Even when something is working, though, our team loves finding ways to make things work better. The new OnCourse Classroom mobile app is an example of that."

OnCourse Releases New Mobile App for Students

oncourse-classroom-mobile-app Starting on April 12, 2021, the OnCourse Classroom Mobile App will be available to students in districts using the OnCourse Classroom LMS.

This new mobile app, available now in the App Store or Google Play Store, give students a one-stop shop for managing their entire LMS experience, including: 

  • Classes, Resources, and Messages
  • Google Assignments
  • Quizzes and Formative Assessments
  • To-Do List and Missing/Late Assignments
  • Calendar Events

Notes for OnCourse Users

This mobile app is already available in the iOS and Android stores, but student logins may not be active until Monday, April 12, 2021. Students can continue to use their current logins in mobile or browser versions of OnCourse Connect.

This mobile app is tailored specifically to facilitate a student's experience and is not intended for teachers or parents. Teachers will continue creating and managing their content through a web browser on desktop/laptop computers, and parents can continue accessing the system through their regular mobile or desktop login.

Schools using this technology can ask questions at Interested in using the OnCourse SIS and Classroom LMS? Contact