How Schools are Integrating Google & OnCourse for 2021-2022

In two quick webinars, we share stories of districts who connected Google and OnCourse to make teacher's lives easier while also addressing academic needs.

Schools using OnCourse took a variety of approaches to remote/hybrid learning in 2020-21. Some relied heavily on Google Classroom, some embedded Google content into the OnCourse Classroom LMS, and some did a combination of both.

With next year approaching, and curriculum teams drawing up plans for progress monitoring and blended learning, the value of an OnCourse-Google integration has increased significantly. To share how this combo saves time and provides new academic supports, we're hosting two quick webinars this April:

One district that took advantage of this integration was Galloway Township Public Schools, home to 3,300 K-8 students, who went live in the heat of the pandemic. Between January-March of 2021, teachers in Galloway:

  • Collected 135,000-Google integrated submissions and 65,000 online assignments
  • Administered 7,000 formative assessments
  • Sent 26,000 messages to students 

In a Fall survey of fifteen other districts using the OnCourse-Google integration, nearly 80% of respondents felt that parents had an easier experience when things were in one place. 

Join us in the webinars below to see the benefits in action.

Workshop 1

Why School Leaders are
Bringing Google & OnCourse Together
to Support Instruction


Who is this for: Google districts who want to build on their success with Google Classroom by integrating valuable instructional add-ons for 2021-2022.

When: Tuesday, April 27 - 2:30-3:30 Eastern, 1:30-2:30 Central

How to Join: Register for this webinar

In this walkthrough, we'll share how Google districts are integrating with OnCourse SIS and OnCourse Classroom LMS to:

  1. Build on Google content and skills developed by teachers and students
  2. Save time by connecting Google-integrated assignments with the OnCourse Grade Book
  3. Ease into formative progress monitoring aligned to grade-level standards
  4. Add new transparency and collaboration between teachers, curriculum staff, parents
  5. Use data to support a 2021-2022 blended learning program that promotes differentiation and equity

Connecting OnCourse Classroom and Google Classroom is a best-of-both worlds approach, allowing teachers to continue using integrated tools they love (Kami for digital worksheets, Desmos graphing calculator) and adding in tools they need (technology-enhanced assessment, student skills analysis.)


Workshop 2

Making an Easy Transition to
Formative Progress Monitoring
in OnCourse

LMS-progress-monitoring-skillsWho is this for: School/ curriculum leaders in Google districts who need to implement progress monitoring that’s easy for teachers and well aligned to grade-level standards.

When: Thu, April 29 - 2:30-3:30 Eastern, 1:30-2:30 Central

How to Join: Register for this webinar.

Most schools plan to expand diagnostic testing in Fall of 2021 and continue doing micro-assessments in Google Classroom. However, it's widely recognized that Google is great for teachers but not-so-great for curriculum teams, who find it difficult to ensure that formative assessment is consistent and standards-aligned. To bridge that gap, schools can integrate OnCourse and Google to achieve a best-of-both-worlds approach to progress monitoring, which:

  • Employs Google content while layering on tech-enhanced assessment

  • Gives educators access to OnCourse’s test bank (70,000 ELA/Math/Science/History questions) to adjust the rigor and alignment of assessed content

  • Grants access to a school “assignment bank” to share Google-integrated content, online assignments, and formative assessments

  • Equips teachers or leaders to review analytics on student progress toward assessed skills or grade-level standards

Hope to see you there!