Post Your OnCourse Video Story. Win Prizes!

Tell us how OnCourse made a difference for you this year and we'll enter you to win swag packs or $100 gift cards. Prizes awarded on February 26th, 2021.

Let's be real: things haven't been all peaches-and-cream this year.

Despite that, staff in OnCourse districts have managed incredible feats, like administering tens of thousands of online assignments, collecting hundreds of daily COVID screenings, and saving huge amounts of money and time by converting paper processes to electronic ones, like school registration.

Are you willing to tell us how OnCourse helped you this year?  Post a video (we've made it super easy) and prizes await!


Our February prizes include:

  • The first twenty entrants will be sent OnCourse Swag Packs
  • You'll be entered to win one of three [3] $100 Amazon gift cards to be awarded on February 26, 2020. They'll be randomly awarded in three categories:
    • Teacher Prize
    • Admin/Tech/Office Prize
    • Best of the Bunch Prize: The five best videos will all receive a swag pack, and one of these five will be randomly awarded the final $100 gift card prize!

These videos may be used on OnCourse's website and social media in the future. If your video is used in any of these ways, you'll also get a swag pack sent to you as a small token of our appreciation.

Post Your Video Story!



What are the expectations for the video?
Just be your authentic self!  No need to get dressed up or do anything fancy, just flip on your phone or webcam and do what makes you comfortable. 

If you are compelled to get creative, or if you simply give a thorough and thoughtful answer, you might find yourself in our Best of the Bunch category. 

How will the video be used?
We have some exciting 2021 projects where your voice would make all the difference, like a brand new OnCourse website and (when we are back to normal!) and an interactive video wall for conferences or workshops. 

Should I talk about anything in particular?
We want to know how OnCourse makes the biggest difference for you, no matter what it is. If you need a prompt here, are a few:

  • Ways that OnCourse saved you time
  • How OnCourse helped you support your students
  • Positive changes after switching to OnCourse from a manual process/old system

If you have quantifiable details, all the better! (i.e., when OnCourse auto-posts my assignment grades in my grade book, it saves me thirty minutes every time.)

For other questions, e-mail Anne Lantz at