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#FutureFriday: Did You Download Your SIS Mobile App Yet?!

#FutureFriday: Did You Download Your SIS Mobile App Yet?!

In today's #FutureFriday, Tre talks about the huge benefits to downloading the OnCourse SIS Mobile App (free with your subscription)!

How Your Professional Learning Community (PLC) Can Change the Future of Ed-Tech, in 7 Practical Steps

It’s no secret that K-12 technology can be supremely frustrating sometimes.  You’ve probably had moments where you wished for improvements to your LMS or magic whiteboard, or had an idea for an...

Student Data for Sale? Why the Student Privacy Pledge Matters

As important as it is for us to ensure students’ physical well-being while they are under our watch in the classroom, it is equally as important that we protect their information from misuse, and...

7 Ways to Make Your Principalship Last

In June 2015, I finished my 15th and final year as a school principal. I had spent 31 wonderful years in public education. I still loved the people I worked with. I still loved working with...

AchieveNJ: Getting Back to the Real Intent of Co-observations

This summer, the state of New Jersey rolled out some interesting changes to AchieveNJ, the state’s evaluation system for teachers and administrators. Among them was an update to the number of...

Infographic: Survey Shows NJ Admins' Feelings On SGOs

It's been three years since AchieveNJ broke onto the scene, and despite another round of DOE training, word on the street was that most districts were still stabilizing the Student Growth...

9 SGO Survival Tips from New Jersey Principals

Your students might still have the back-to-school giggles, but already you may be feeling the pressure of state deadlines creeping in.