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1 Tiny Change to Lesson Planning Creates Massive Impact

1 Tiny Change to Lesson Planning Creates Massive Impact

If a few small changes to lesson planning could make your district 5xs more likely to become high performing, reduce stress in your teachers, and...

#FutureFriday: Getting Teachers and Tech to Work Better Together

In this week's #FutureFriday, explore the big-picture view of your K-12 ed-tech ecosystem and ensure that teachers and technology are working brilliantly together!

5 Ways Evaluations Changed in 2016

Are you responsible for compliance with state requirements at your New Jersey school district? Were you surprised by the 2016 AchieveNJ changes to evaluations that were released last summer?

#Satchat: The Role of Relevance in Education

The #Satchat Blog is a recurring retrospective on the tremendous insights and resources shared by educators from around the world. Learn more about the founders at www.evolvingeducators.com.

OnCourse Analytics Brings Data Visualization to K-12 Schools

OnCourse Systems for Education is thrilled to announce the release of OnCourse Analytics, a data visualization technology for K-12 schools. This new offering is fully integrated with the OnCourse...

#FutureFriday: Why K-12 Data Visualization May Save Us All

Welcome to the inaugural #FutureFriday, a bi-monthly video segment covering what's new and exciting in edtech. Today we'll help you escape spreadsheet purgatory with a game-changing new process...

The One Thing EVERY District Forgets When Evaluating a SIS

This school year I’ve been thankful to have many opportunities to meet with district leaders as they embarked on a major decision: changing Student Information Systems.  In almost every case,...

What Spotify Teaches Schools About the SaaS Model

Remember buying racks and stands to safely house all of your CDs? Or how about those times you stood in line at Sam Goody for hours anxiously awaiting your favorite artist’s newest single? Better...