OnCourse Offers Free LMS + Remote Learning Pilot for 2020

To aid schools in the event of closure, OnCourse SIS users can access a free pilot of OnCourse Classroom LMS for 2020. Teachers can create classroom message boards, post online classwork, attach video lessons, and administer tech-enhanced assignments.

As school districts plan for the possibility of remote learning days, OnCourse has announced that all districts using the OnCourse Student Information System can opt into a free pilot of the OnCourse Classroom LMS for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.

"Our districts are doing what they do best, thoughtfully deciding how to best care for their communities," says Tre Gonzalez, OnCourse's Director of Growth. "Most modern companies like OnCourse can flip a switch to go into 'work-from-home' mode, and we want our school districts to have that same freedom if the need arises."



Connecting the School Community Online

With OnCourse Classroom LMS integrated into their SIS, districts will gain several new abilities that are conveniently accessible through the OnCourse Connect portal. "There are lots of great LMS tools out there, but the benefit of using OnCourse is that everything can be found in one place," says Gonzalez. "This makes things much easier on students and parents."

“For teachers, it’s great to be able to assign tests/quizzes in Classroom and it automatically posts in the Grade Book. Love the OnCourse Classroom and Assessment components.”

Ms. Christina Verberne, Teacher

With this new add-on, teachers will be able to:

  • oncourse-lms-messageCommunicate using message boards for classrooms, small groups, or individual students

  • Instruct by posting their own content, resources, or links to online video lessons

  • Post and collect classwork through integration with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or through OnCourse directly

  • Assess student understanding using technology-enhanced assignments that can be auto-graded and transmitted back to the Grade Book

  • Differentiate by creating custom groups of students to receive specific resources or assignments

Another major benefit is improving data-driven instruction, as OnCourse assessments can provide instant data on student mastery of standards.


Helping Administrators Stay in the Loop

Another valuable reason to use OnCourse Classroom LMS is that administrators have their own window into the digital classroom experience, allowing them to support teachers directly.

"Using a centralized e-Learning platform helps a district to have some consistency in their program," says Gonzalez. "School administrators can see exactly what parents are seeing through their own OnCourse accounts."

How to Participate

This pilot is specifically for OnCourse Student Information System clients who do not already subscribe to the OnCourse Classroom LMS. Activation is at the district level only.

How to Opt-In:

  1. Have a district administrator complete the form below
  2. Participate in a brief webinar to introduce the pilot program. First webinar takes place on Tuesday, March 10th at 11AM Eastern Time. Complete the form below to receive the link.
  3. Schedule your OnCourse Classroom activation
  4. Invite staff to view an online training session