What's Your School Data Story? 3 Uncommon Ways Principals Should Look at Data

On October 10th and 11th, join this free webinar for school leaders ready to take a "whole child" view of data to improve equity and student growth. 

Data, when used correctly, should unfold like a story.

What’s the real story of equity in our community? Which initiatives provide the highest impact for the least effort? How are “whole child” factors like absenteeism, behavior, and formative performance affecting student growth?



Our traditional practices, like data walls and data meetings, can suffer from data that are narrow, incomplete, misleading, or that are massively time-consuming to create.

This webinar is for school leaders ready to create a sustainable and actionable experience of data inquiry while sharply reducing the hours spent grappling with spreadsheets! With the emerging practices in this webinar, schools can simplify data-intensive tasks like:

  • Employing data-guided interventions for chronic absenteeism
  • Navigating state audits and reporting to school boards
  • Removing barriers from data-driven instruction
  • Discovering academic and behavioral trends from "multiple measures" data
Join this webinar to learn about three previously inconceivable ways of looking at school data with data visualization technology.