How to Uncover School Inequities in 10 Minutes Flat

In the following video, a school administrator needs to report on student equity, but only has ten minutes to do it.

Today, I step into the shoes of an administrator tasked with understanding the stories of equity in my school. In this scenario, I've been asked to explore several areas, like chronic absenteeism, behavior, test scores, and engagement during remote learning.

Problem is... I'm supposed to present my findings in a staff meeting that's only fifteen minutes away. In most situations, that'd barely be enough time to run reports out of my school's systems.

But in this video, I use data visualization to take a speedy trip through my school's data to collect meaningful evidence across our programs.

Watch: How to Uncover School Inequities in 10 Minutes Flat

Over the course of 10 minutes, I demonstrate how to:
  • Speed up the inquiry process with visualization techniques
  • Review summative and formative performance by different sub-populations
  • Explore my school's disciplinary responses to common incidents
  • Determine the degree to which my students/parents of different populations are engaging with our remote learning resources

This simulated scenario takes place in a fictional school district using the OnCourse all-in-one suite, including the Student Information System, Assessment, Classroom LMS, and Analytics.

Click to learn more about OnCourse Analytics, which is an upgrade to the OnCourse Student Information System. To schedule a demonstration of OnCourse SIS or Analytics in your district, e-mail Sam Morgan at