Webinar: Decluttering Standards-Based Grading

Registration is now open for this free webinar - "Decluttering Standards-Based Grading: 5 Districts and the SBG System They Helped Create".

Implementing standards-based grading can feel like swimming against a mighty current of entrenched culture, parent expectations, and grading practices. Another major challenge is the system itself; many online grade books don't support standards-based grading, or use workarounds not suitable for most SBG philosophies.

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In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • How OnCourse collaborated with five forward-thinking districts to create a Standards-Based Grading system that prioritizes accuracy and flexibility

  • The step-by-step process schools are using to combine their traditional gradebooks, digital assessment, and online student feedback to give teachers a single place for tracking student mastery

  • How to get the ball rolling in your school district
We won't be exploring the merits or methodologies of SBG; rather, we'll be seeing a demonstration of how a SGB process happens inside OnCourse's cloud-based system. We'll also be taking your suggestions about how this system can continue to grow.

Our presenter, Tre Gonzalez, will spend the final 30 minutes (3:30 - 4:00PM) on an introductory training for OnCourse SIS or Grade Book clients who wish to get a head start on 2019-2020.

Click to register for the webinar.


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