#FutureFriday: Did You Download Your SIS Mobile App Yet?!

In today's #FutureFriday, Tre talks about the huge benefits to downloading the OnCourse SIS Mobile App (free with your subscription)!

Excerpts from Video Transcript:

Happy Friday! This week Apple did its big, swanky iPhone keynote in Silicon Valley and it got me thinking about mobile apps.

If you have not yet downloaded the OnCourse Student Information System mobile app, I highly recommend you do so! It's FREE in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

You can access all of the important information for each student with a quick search. If you're in the hallway and need to look at a student's schedule or homeroom teacher, it's all a few taps away. You'll see alerts for custody issues or be able to look up a parent phone number.

If you already have your discipline and attendance apps, then you know that you can already enter incidents or mark students absent or tardy on the fly. In fact, there's a ton of convenient information you may need at any time, like:

  • Health and medical alerts
  • Student groups (sports teams, grade levels, etc.)
  • Grades
  • Schedule
  • Connect to parents/guardians directly via phone & email (in app!)

It also supports Touch ID and Face ID to help you log in quickly.

If you have any questions, send us a Tweet at @oncoursek12, e-mail us at support@oncoursesystems.com, or call at 800-899-7204!

To learn more about OnCourse SIS click here!

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