Tangipahoa Parish School District Puts OnCourse Lesson Planner to Work for Better Educational Outcomes

on May 16, 2017 in lesson planner

For over 10 years, Tangipahoa Parish School District (TPSD) has relied on OnCourse Lesson Planner to improve its lesson planning, standards and curriculum alignment, and educational outcomes. The warm, long-term relationship between the district and OnCourse is shaped by a shared commitment to better educational outcomes for the district’s nearly 20,000 students and the desire to provide superior support for teachers and administrators.


TPSD began using Lesson Planner after the publication of a statewide Comprehensive Curriculum in 2005. They piloted Lesson Planner in a few schools and adopted Lesson Planner districtwide in 2007. “The district wanted a way to manage lesson plans. They were looking for a way to see across the district what standards were being taught. OnCourse Lesson Planner allowed us to do all of that in a really great way,” said Dina Spears, Instructional Technology Facilitator, TPSD.

Over the years, Lesson Planner has delivered upon its initial promise. In fact, it has worked so well that the district has extended their use of OnCourse products. In addition to Lesson Planner, TPSD now also uses OnCourse Student Stats, OnCourse Evaluate for walkthroughs, and OnCourse Analytics. “Being able to use Lesson Planner, Evaluate and Student Stats — all those things really complement each other and help our district and school strategies improve. It’s really important,” says Theresa Hamilton, Chief Academic Officer, TPSD.

TPSD is the 11th biggest district in Louisiana (out of 72 districts) and for a district of this size, adherence to standards is vitally important. “People have come to understand that part of progress monitoring at a system level is being able to have some consistency in what you’re doing,” says Hamilton. It would not be possible to achieve the same high level of accountability without technology. “We really support the integration of technology to support high quality teaching and learning,” she adds.

Amy Ard, another Instructional Technology Facilitator at TPSD, has only good things to say about the customer service team at OnCourse — as well as the strength and robustness of the system. “The number one reason we recommend any and all OnCourse applications is the support,” says Ard. “ Any time we have a question or an issue we have someone on the phone within minutes walking us through and helping us,” she adds.

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