Your 5–Minute Guide to the New NJSMART State Assessment Registration Submission

on September 30, 2016

What’s that eerie feeling creeping across New Jersey? Is it Halloween ghouls...or are you being haunted by NJSMART SUBMISSION SEASON!?! Muah-ha-ha!

The groans you hear aren’t zombies; they are from data managers receiving the announcement of yet ANOTHER new submission. Fear not, we’re here to help you with a quick overview of the new NJSMART requirements and new technology so you can handle this swiftly.

Beginning in October 2016, NJSMART will collect the State Assessment Registration Submission. This will help the state identify if a student is participating in the PARCC, ACCESS for ELLS or DLM assessment.

The submission will open on October 19th and close on November 21st at 5 PM.

What will stay the same?

  • The same file layout used for the 2015-2016 PARCC Registration Submission will be used as the basis for the State Assessment Registration Submission.

What will change?

  • LEAs should expect only minor changes to validation rules and reporting requirements.  Click here to access the State Assessment Registration Submission Handbook that outlines the details for the submission, including data elements, acceptable values, and validation rules.
  • LEAs will submit one file with registration data for the PARCC, ACCESS for ELLs and DLM assessments, eliminating the need for the ACCESS for ELLs Pre-ID Submission.
  • Accommodations for ACCESS for ELLs will no longer be collected through NJSMART.

Does OnCourse have a feature for this?

If your school uses the OnCourse Student Information System, you’ve already been updated to handle this new requirement.

Look for your new State Assessment Registration tab in every student record. This tab replaces the PARCC tab and consolidates all ACCESS for ELLs and DLM information into one convenient place. We’ve also added new fields and state codes (#305 ELA/MATH, if you are keeping track!).


Also, to simplify the process, each field within the new State Assessment Registration tab will have a unique name and number. This naming convention mirrors the field names and NJDOE numbers assigned to each field within the submission handbook, making it easy to locate the appropriate field.

NJSMART Handbook


OnCourse Student Information System

How do I get started?

We’ve taken care of moving all of your existing PARCC/ACCESS/DLM data into its new home in the State Assessment Registration tab. However, if you’ve been keeping this data offline or in another system, we’d be thrilled to help you with an initial Batch Upload to get you off the blocks quickly. E-mail us at for help with this.

Looking for Tools and Resources?

The NJSMART team has created the following tools and resources that will assist you in preparing files and submitting accurate information. All documents can be downloaded below.

  1. State Assessment Registration Submission Handbook: All districts should take time to review the data handbook so that users can familiarize themselves with the data element definitions, their purpose, acceptable values, and validation rules prior to starting the data submission process.
  2. State Assessment Registration Submission Guide: A recommended timeline for the necessary steps to help users ensure a collaborative effort across the district to complete the submission.   
  3. State Assessment Registration Submission FAQ: This document outlines anticipated Frequently Asked Questions for the submission.
  4. State Assessment Registration Submission Template A: Acceptable file templates can be downloaded and used to upload.
  5. State Assessment Registration Submission Template B: Acceptable file templates can be downloaded and used to upload.

Still have questions? Don’t be scared to contact NJ SMART!

Please send any questions that you have to or call the NJSMART Help Desk at 800-254-0295.

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