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Intuitive School Systems

Powerful software for your entire K-12 community.
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Whether you need the right tool or the whole toolkit, OnCourse delivers.

OnCourse’s award-winning programs give your staff the efficiency and stability they need to work confidently toward extraordinary achievement. Subscribe to any individual application, or integrate them together to create a powerful, all-in-one system.
  • Cloud-Based
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Integration Ready

Student Information System

School Management

The OnCourse Student Information System is a 100% web-based suite of robust applications that automate and streamline the complex record-keeping, reporting, and operational tasks that schools face on a daily basis.


School Management

OnCourse Analytics brings data visualization to your K-12 school district, which automatically translates thousands of data points into colorful, intuitive infographics.

Grade Book

School Management

The OnCourse Grade Book allows teachers to perform all of their grade-keeping tasks more quickly and efficiently than with the traditional, paper-based approach.

Discipline Tracker

School Management

The web-based Discipline Tracker captures a school's ongoing disciplinary activity and provides automatic notification, actionable reports, and dynamic parent letters.

Special Education

School Management

OnCourse Special Education and IEP Suite will improve the way your special education team works together to serve students and maintain legal compliance. From initial referral to IEP creation to annual review, OnCourse simplifies every aspect of student management.


Teacher Evaluation

OnCourse Evaluate is a comprehensive performance management data system that equips districts to schedule and perform observations, generate evaluations, and share results with their staff members.

Student Growth

Teacher Evaluation

Ditch the paperwork. Boost efficiency with the online SGO builder, submit to administrators in seconds, and let OnCourse auto-calculate your state scores.

Lesson Planner

Curriculum & Classroom

Since 2002, the award-winning OnCourse Lesson Planner has helped schools nationwide to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of instructional planning and delivery.

Classroom (LMS)

Curriculum & Classroom

OnCourse Classroom is an intuitive learning management system that connects teachers, students, and parents in a collaborative learning environment. Teachers can author interactive assessments, collect homework digitally, and provide multimedia resources for flipping or blending instruction.

Student Stats

Curriculum & Classroom

The OnCourse Student Stats Data Analysis Tool provides the means for a school district to store, analyze, and swiftly distribute aggregated assessment data to teachers in real-time.

Curriculum Builder

Curriculum & Classroom

The OnCourse Curriculum Builder equips your district to generate online curriculum units, align them to standards, and produce graphical curriculum maps.


Curriculum & Classroom

In OnCourse Assessment, schools can create interactive assessments that engage and challenge students on standard-aligned questions. Provide instant feedback to staff with live, intuitive analytics.