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Student Information System

In the old days, Student Information Systems (SIS) were trapped in a closet in your school, vulnerable to power outages, disruptive updates, and disgruntled teenage hackers. The 100% cloud-based OnCourse SIS brings your district into a new era of stability, security, and convenience.

Stress-Free State Reporting

Your DOE loves perfectly-crafted data, almost as much as they love changing the requirements! The rigors of state reporting can push even the savviest person to their limits, so OnCourse monitors and updates your SIS in real-time, giving you superhuman speed and accuracy at submission time.


Engage your Community in OnCourse Connect

With OnCourse Connect in every parent’s pocket, students will never learn the age-old art of scratching F’s into B’s. Help your households help themselves with live updates about grades, attendance, and discipline incidents.


The Power of the Cloud

How many times can you press “Update Later” before guilt sets in?  With a cloud-based SIS, your world becomes free of annoying updates, thanks to an expert team that installs while you sleep, bringing you awesome new features all the time.


Powerful Features

  • Student Management
  • Classroom Management
  • School Management
  • Students & Guardians
  • School Office
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Student Management


Managing your student population is no small feat. Your staff needs intuitive and accurate ways to monitor every data point collected throughout a student’s career, from the moment they enroll to the day they graduate.

OnCourse’s cloud-based Student Information System locks into your district workflows and makes them more efficient to manage. It aligns them with pinpoint accuracy to ever-changing state requirements.

Connect all of your critical data points faster than ever, like student demographics, memberships, guardians, classifications, and accommodations.

Online Enrollment
Give parents the ability to conveniently register online. The main office can review and approve applications in a secure inbox.

Student Alerts
Make sure that school staff knows about health concerns, custody arrangements, and IEPs with system-wide alert icons.

Student e-Portfolios
Collect important artifacts securely for each student, like writing samples, artwork, permission slips, videos, and documents.

Classroom Management


One out of every three teachers admit to spending more time on paperwork than on collaborating with colleagues and parents.

Get your teachers back to focusing on student achievement with OnCourse’s award-winning suite of classroom management tools.

Your teachers will enjoy this intuitive, cloud-based toolkit for taking roll, recording grades, messaging parents, and alerting administrators.

The best part? As teachers work, important artifacts are generated automatically like report cards, attendance letters, discipline alerts, and more.

Grade Book
Save teachers massive amounts of time with auto-calculation and optional standards-based grading. Publish scores to parents and students in OnCourse Connect.

OnCourse makes taking attendance the easiest part of your day. Use your browser or mobile app to take roll, in seating chart or list view, and send to the office instantly.

Discipline Tracking
Give teachers a fast and easy way to track behavior challenges in the classroom and instantly alert administrators about incidents and actions.

School Management


Your district is a bustling ecosystem that needs high levels of operational intelligence to run as smoothly as possible.

OnCourse will simulate your school environments in the cloud, accurately tracking rooms, bell schedules, course catalogs, holidays, and staff attendance.

OnCourse then empowers your staff to be the conductors of this grand orchestra, with smart utilities fine-tuned to make schools run better and faster. Optimize schedules, course offerings, staff qualifications, and much more.

Master Scheduler
Engage students through online course requests, then let OnCourse’s sophisticated scheduling algorithms blaze through conflicts at lightning speed. Optimize student placement better than ever!

Staff Calendars
Dynamic calendars support your desired schema (A/B days, block scheduling) and adjusts the entire system to accommodate things like inservice days and weather delays.

Staff Management
Track certifications, staff attendance, and demographics securely online. Use this data for state reports, scheduling classes, and for staff evaluation purposes.

Students & Guardians


Communication between parents and teachers is the cornerstone of student progress. With limited free hours in the school day, it’s difficult for teachers to give parents the communication they deserve without sacrificing time for students. OnCourse Connect is the missing piece to this puzzle.

OnCourse Connect puts student information where parents will actually engage with it; in their e-mail box, on their smartphone, or on their favorite web browser.

Need better accountability for parents?  Keep an eye on their activity with usage reports for school administrators.

Mobile Access
Want to boost parent engagement? Invite them to access OnCourse Connect from their cell phone where they can view attendance, discipline, transcripts, and upcoming assignments.

Parent Messaging
School years are busy- class trips, conferences, projects and various meetings. With OnCourse Connect, teachers can post messages to alert families of upcoming events in their child's classroom.

Academic Progress
Online progress reports allow parents to see day-to-day advancements of their child and narrative comments from teachers. Want to go paperless? Post report cards in OnCourse Connect!

School Office


Your school office is Grand Central Station; if things get delayed here, everything else falls apart!

It’s why OnCourse offers innovative ways to accomplish common time-consuming tasks, freeing up office staff to keep the school running smoothly.

OnCourse automates manual work like letters, reports, or labels. It streamlines the enrollment process, applying state codes accurately as students move throughout the district.

With OnCourse, your offices will run more efficiently than ever.

Main Office
Get lightning fast access to transcripts, schedules, and reports. Find students quickly with ‘Active Attendance’. Generate letters or e-mails automatically for attendance and discipline.

Administrator Toolkit
Review student grades, view parent activity, and run school-wide reports on grades, GPA, and class rank. Post announcements to all staff accounts to keep teachers in-sync.

Health and Medical
School nurses can securely track incidents and post health alerts for teachers. As students visit, they enter incidents in the Visit Log and track medications and screenings.



Your school generates massive amounts of data, but it can feel overwhelming when you try to retrieve it out of your system in the exact format you need.

OnCourse helps to transform data into actionable knowledge with several different ways to extract data from the OnCourse Student Information System.

Whether you need a report that’s preformatted for a state submission, or that displays data in visual charts, OnCourse has reporting capabilities for every need.

State Reporting
OnCourse streamlines one of the most stressful times of the year by curating your data into the exact format and codes that your state requires. Supported states receive a comprehensive collection of state reports.

100+ Stock Reports
For most common purposes, OnCourse provides a library of canned reports that can be run instantly. Get formatted extracts for things like GPA, report cards, discipline summaries, parent logins, and much more.

Report Designer
The Advanced Search features lets anyone in the district create custom reports by dragging-and-dropping the fields they need into a simple, exportable report.



Skip data analysis and get straight to the insights, with OnCourse Analytics.

Stop wrestling with spreadsheets and let OnCourse’s “data visualization” technology automatically crunch all of your data into intuitive, interactive infographics, delivered in time to let you make a real difference in your school or classroom.

OnCourse Analytics give you the birds-eye view of all of your school’s happenings, from student achievement to staff performance to parent engagement.

K-12 Data Visualization
As you generate massive amounts of data on enrollment, behavior, attendance, grades, and assessments, OnCourse Analytics translates it in real-time into drillable charts, word clouds, heat maps, and more.

Live Alerts
Want to get e-mail alerts for critical events, like a dip in Average Daily Attendance or falling scores on assessments? OnCourse will automatically alert you when key conditions are met.

Analyze Easier
Click on any visualization to drill into individual classrooms and students, or filter to schools or demographic groups. Export any data collection into Powerpoint to share with staff or school board.


Learn how Student Information System can help make extraordinary education possible.

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Student Information System Can Help You

Office Staff

The main office can be a chaotic place. All the more reason why office staff deserve an SIS that makes daily tasks faster (like enrollment and attendance) while automating time-consuming things like letter creation and reporting.

Technology Staff

Technology staff take their place at the cloud-based controls of the OnCourse SIS, with powerful utilities for making sure that every state report, configuration, and integration is optimized and successful.


Educators can manage their entire classroom experience without ever leaving OnCourse, from seating charts and attendance, to grades and discipline. Collaborating with administrators, students, and parents is easier than ever.

Path to Personalized Learning

Integrate Classroom

Imagine how convenient it can be if students can complete homework, communicate with teachers, and take assessments from the same portal as their SIS. By adding OnCourse Classroom, your district will have a truly powerful all-in-one platform.

Path to Personalized Learning

Integrate Classroom

Imagine how convenient it can be if students can complete homework, communicate with teachers, and take assessments from the same portal as their SIS. By adding OnCourse Classroom, your district will have a truly powerful all-in-one platform.