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Who We Are

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Where We Started

The idea for OnCourse didn't come from a board room, it came from a classroom. Since our inception in 2002, we've stayed focused on a single goal: to create intuitive systems for school districts that save time and help students grow. 

We believe that educators belong in every room where K-12 products are made. It is why OnCourse is the only SIS in our regions to take a growth-focused approach.

Who We Are

We love being an independent company. It gives us the freedom to focus on what matters most and feeds the creativity that makes our products unique. 

Though we are a diverse bunch, we share a vision: a world where every student receives an extraordinary education because every school district has the best tools to give them one.


What We Value

We hold our values dear, but after twenty years, we don't have to hold them tightly. Our team chemistry is special.

Our values aren't posted on the wall because every team member embodies them daily: integrity, honesty, teamwork, humility and openness.

It's the secret sauce that makes OnCourse the choice of thousands of happy school districts.

Interested in working for OnCourse?